Central government handed over the investigation of Lucknow Terror case to NIA

Lucknow: The Central Government has handed over the investigation of the case of Al Qaeda terrorists arrested by ATS to the NIA. Now the special team of NIA will interrogate the three terrorists arrested in this case.

Along with this, the foreign relations of this matter will also be investigated. The NIA will also try to know which leaders were the target of these terrorists. The Lucknow ATS had arrested terrorists associated with Ansar Ghazatul Hind, an organization affiliated to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, on July 11 this month. Their names were given as Mashiruddin, Minhaj and Shakeel.

Had to explode in a crowded place or a leader’s rally

During the raid, the ATS also recovered pressure cooker bomb making material etc. from them. It was also learned that these people had plans to bomb a crowded place or a leader’s rally. A big disclosure was made during the interrogation of these terrorists arrested in Lucknow. According to sources, when the terrorists told their master Omar al-Mandi that they did not know how to make bombs, they were given training to make bombs through the Internet.

Along with this, it was also told that the material to make this bomb is easily available in the local market. At the same time, it does not take much money to make it, after spending money from their pockets, these people made this pressure cooker bomb. After questioning these people, Lucknow ATS sent them to jail.

Decided to get the matter investigated by NIA

According to a top official of the Ministry of Home Affairs, in view of the seriousness of the matter and international terrorist relations, it was decided to get the matter investigated by the NIA and orders have also been issued in this regard. According to NIA sources, the Special Investigation Team of the NIA will soon interrogate these terrorists and search their network in this case.

NIA will also try to know which leaders were their target and who else were providing aid to them inside the country. Along with this, the role of Omar Almandi will also be investigated in this case, on whose behest the whole conspiracy was being hatched.

Keep in mind that Delhi Police is also searching for this person named Umar Almandi in a case. Whether this person is a codename or an officer of Pakistani intelligence agency will also be investigated.

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