Gyanvapi Mosque Wudu: Controversy continues over Varanasi’s Gyanvapi Mosque. The matter is currently going on in the court, but many claims have been made about the mosque. There is a claim to have a Shivling in the mosque’s Vazukhana, after which Wudu and Vazukhana are in a lot of discussion. Today we will tell you that after all, what is doing Wuzu and what is called Vajukhana.

What is doing wudu?
There is a belief in Islam that it is necessary to perform Wudu before offering Namaz or worshiping Allah. There can be no direct contact with Allah without Wudu. Without this prayer or prayer is not accepted. In Islam, it is called Wuzu to clean oneself properly before worship. There is a different way of doing Wuzu, in which different parts of the body are cleaned with water. This includes hands, feet, mouth, arms etc.

Is Wuzu necessary every time?
There is a belief in Islam that it is necessary to clean oneself completely and wear clean clothes before worship. Waju is also called Niyyah. Islamic religious guru Prophet Muhammad has said about Wuzu that, cleaning is half of the worship. Muslims should purify themselves thoroughly before namaz and should go before Allah in clean clothes. It is permissible to offer Namaz five times a day, but it is not necessary to perform Wudu every time. If you go to the toilet after coming in contact with blood or after sleep, then it is necessary to do wudu again.

way of doing wudu

  • It is said that Bismillah is said before performing Wuzu. Which means in the name of Allah… after this wudu is started.
  • After this, your hands are first washed. The right hand is washed using the left hand. Do this whole process three times. Similarly the left hand is also washed. It is believed that washing hands washes away all evils.
  • After this, rinsing is done by taking water with your own hands. This is also done three times. Similarly, many people wash their nose along with their mouth.
  • After rinsing, the work of rinsing the mouth is done thoroughly. The mouthwash is started from top to bottom. After this the hands are cleaned again. Wash the area below the elbow thoroughly. One by one, both hands are cleaned like this and this is done thrice.
  • After washing hands thoroughly, the head is also cleaned. Wet the hands and clean the hair. During this, the ears are also cleaned with watery hands. At the same time, both the feet are washed thoroughly at the end.

What is Vazukhana?
As we told you that doing Wuzu means cleaning your body thoroughly with water. So the place where this Wudu is performed is called Vajukhana. There is a small pond filled with water in the Wazukhana, in which the worshipers come and perform Wuzu. In many places taps are also installed for this. Where rinsing etc. is done. Before offering Namaz, sitting near this water, everyone washes their hands and feet according to the belief. The water of the Vazukhana is continuously recycled. Fountains are used for this in many places.

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