Visakhapatnam. In Andhra Pradesh, a new coronavirus  has been stirred up. Especially in Visakhapatnam, the condition of patients is getting serious within 3-4 days. Meanwhile, the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) has come to know about a new variant of the Corona, the N440K. It is being said that due to this new variant, there has been catastrophe in Visakhapatnam. This strain of Corona was first found in Karnul. It is being said that it spreads 15 times faster than other variants. It is being claimed that it spreads much faster than the B1.617 and B1.618 variants of India. District Collector V Vinay Chand said that more information is being obtained about the new variants at the moment. Some samples have been sent to CCMB for investigation. He also said that last year Visakhapatnam did not have this variant. But this time this new variant is troubling people a lot. In the district, Corona’s special officer PV Sudhakar said that he has seen that the incubation is much less than the new variant. That is, soon after infection with this variant, people start showing signs of corona. In earlier cases, a patient affected by Kovid-19 took at least a week to reach the hypoxia or dyspnea stage. But now patients are reaching critical condition within three or four days. Sudhakar said that this is increasing the burden on oxygen and ICU beds. Experts also say that within a short time this virus has infected 5-6 people. Doctor Sudhakar says that this variant is highly unpredictable. It does not leave anyone. It is affecting the youth population in a big way. Such people are also falling prey to this variant which is a fitness freak.

On Monday, 18,972 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Andhra Pradesh, with the number of infected people increased to 11,63,994. According to the latest bulletin of the health department, after recovering from infection of 10,277 patients in the last 24 hours, a total of 10,03,935 people have been cured in the state so far. According to this, with the death of 71 patients of Kovid-19 in the same period, the death toll rose to 8,207.

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