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Jodhpur The police are now going to increase vigorously to stop the outbreak of corona which is spreading rapidly in Suryanagari Jodhpur . The Jodhpur police has issued a video for this, alerting the residents of Jodhpur. The police has released the video and said that people should follow the Corona Protocol, otherwise they will be caught by hanging. The police commissioner got this video made and put it on his website. Along with this, the public was cautioned on uploading this video on all social sites. Within 10 hours of the release of this video of ‘Red Alert’ by the police, about 10 lakh people had seen it. This video of Jodhpur Police is becoming fiercely viral on social media. After releasing this video, the police also started action. By Monday evening, one after the other 49 careless people have been caught and sent to the Quarantine Center.



A strict plan was made to kill Corona and break the chain  In the city of Jodhpur, more than 500 people have died from Corona in the month of April alone. Hospitals are full of corona infected. There is an outcry over oxygen. In Jodhpur city, the rate of infection has reached 45 percent. Every other person has started coming positive in testing. In view of these circumstances, the police had to come to this action.

Red Alert Jan Anushasan Fortnight will run till May 17 On Monday, three youths were captured and given a demo at Pavota intersection. In this, it is said that on which side the police is going to be strict with those who break the guidelines. Police Commissioner Jose Mohan said that this step has been taken in the city due to the worsening situation of Corona. It has started from Monday. The Red Alert Jan Anushasan Pakhwada will continue till May 17.


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