Tough fight between BJP-Congress in Uttarakhand, know AAP’s condition in Poll of Polls

Uttarakhand Poll Of Polls: Political agitation has increased regarding the Uttarakhand assembly elections (Uttarakhand Election 2022). Be it the ruling BJP or the main opposition Congress, is busy campaigning loudly. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is also running a campaign in this election. Meanwhile, ABP News has come up with a poll of polls. There are data from seven agencies in this survey.

In most of the surveys, a close contest is being seen between BJP and Congress. According to Poll of Polls, BJP can get 36 to 40 seats. On the other hand, Congress can get 26 to 30 seats. At the same time, you may have to be satisfied with one to three seats. One seat can go in the account of others.

According to C Voter, BJP can get 31 to 37, Congress 30 to 36, AAP 2 to 4 and others 0 to 1 seat. On the other hand, if you look at the survey of Times now- VETO and India Ahead-ETG, then BJP can easily form the government for the second time in a row. Times now- According to VETO, BJP can get 44 to 50. Congress may have to be content with 12 to 15 seats, and AAP with five to eight seats.

Whereas in the survey of DB Live it has been said that Congress can form the government with 40 to 42 seats. At the same time, 26 to 28 seats can go in the account of BJP. According to DB Live, you may also fail to open an account. One to three seats can go in the account of others.

survey agencies BJP Congress You other
C Voter 31-37 30-36 2-4 0-1
REPUBLIC-P MARQ 36-42 25-31 0-2 0-0
Zee-Design Boxed 31-35 33-37 0-2 0-1
Polstrat NewsX 36-41 25-30 2-4 0-0
India Ahead-ETG 46-50 16-20 1-3 1-3
DB Live 26-28 40-42 0-0 1-3
Times now- VETO 44-50 12-15 5-8 0-2
Poll of Polls 36-40 26-30 1-3 0-1

There are 70 assembly seats in Uttarakhand and 36 seats are required for any party to form the government. Voting will be held in the state on February 14 and the election results will be announced on March 10. In the election, BJP is contesting on the face of Pushkar Singh Dhami, while Congress is contesting on the face of Harish Rawat. At the same time, AAP has made Ajay Kothiyal the chief ministerial candidate.

In the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP had won 56 out of 70 seats. On the other hand, the Congress was reduced to 11 seats. On the other hand, the independent candidate had won two seats.

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