New Delhi: Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh appealed to the people on Saturday to remain united and positive in the fight against Covid-19, saying that after the first wave of corona virus, the government, Due to the negligence of the administration and the public, the current situation is being faced.

Positivity Unlimited ; Addressing the lecture series, Bhagwat said,  In this challenging time, instead of pointing fingers at each other, we have to stay united and act like a team.  He said, We are facing this situation because the government, administration and the public all became careless after the first wave of Covid while the signals were being given through the doctors.

Sarsanghchalak said that now there is talk of third wave but we do not have to be afraid. We will remain united like a rock. Bhagwat said that everyone has to be positive and in the current situation precautions should be taken to protect themselves from Corona virus infection. He said that this is not an appropriate time to point fingers at each other and should refrain from making irrational statements under current circumstances.

In the context of corona virus infection, Bhagwat said, ‘When it comes to the world, the people of India know that the crisis that is in front, they have to fight with determination and take the challenge as a challenge.’ He said, ‘People know that it cannot scare us. We have to win. You have to fight till you win. He said, there was a slight mistake. Governance, administration and people… all came into disarray, and therefore it came. Mohan Bhagwat referred to the situation in England during World War II, when it seemed like everything was going to the opposite.

Bhagwat quoted the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill in which he said that there is no pessimism in this office, we are not interested in the possibility of defeat, it does not exist. He said, we should not give up courage in this situation. We have to be determined.



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