Ujjain In this era of Corona Crisis, people are constantly extending their hands to help the victims. A young doctor from Ujjain has prepared a whole team for the patients living in home isolation. It is continuously treating people through video and tele-conferencing. Soon it will launch its website. Dr. Rahat Patel, who lives in Ujjain and is currently serving in the hospital of Bhopal, got infected, so the idea came from home that why should not patients of the country be served during the Corona period. When the whole country is struggling with lack of medical facilities, in such a situation, patients should be served from home or at their own place.
Viral on social media Dr. Rahat Patel took the initiative and in this campaign, a team of 60 young MBBS doctors from across the country were added. These people prepared a template in which their phone number and consultation time have been given. This template went viral on all social media sites. Now his team is engaged in free online treatment of Home Isolate Covid patients. The special thing is that this team has doctors who know 9 languages. They are getting calls from patients from all over the country and these people are treating them. Along with the treatment, the patients are also encouraged.
60 doctors 9 languages Dr. Rahat Patel, who lives in Bhairavgarh, Ujjain, is posted in Viva Hospital in Bhopal. He told that he got this idea on 27 April. He immediately started calling his doctor friends. On seeing this, a team of 60 doctors came on a bed and got engaged in the service of humanity. These doctors have made public their mobile numbers for the people who have quarantined in their homes and are being given free advices. The special thing is that in 9 languages ​​including Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, these doctors are giving free consultation to the people.
Help of 2180 patients in 5 days
Dr. Rahat told that he remained connected with the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad during his studies. When I myself got infected with Corona, there was quarantine in the house. At a time when the patients were in most need of us, they remembered that they used to do something from time to time in ABVP. So just to serve the patients, they talked to their friends and the talk got made. Now this team has helped 2180 people across the country by treating them through phone in 5 days. Dr. Rahat himself has attended a total of 100 calls so far.
These are the names and phone numbers of the doctors Dr. Rahat’s team starts the consultation from 6 o’clock in the morning, which goes on till the night. -Dr. Rahat Patel Ujjain, Time: 6 to 8 am. Language: Hindi and English. Mobile – 9425916599 – Dr. Chitra Gurugram Haryana, Timings: 5 to 8 pm. Language: Hindi, English and Punjabi. Contact- 8816055114 Dr. Siddharth Mishra Mumbai, Time: 8 am to 10. Language: Hindi, English Contact – 7976019014 – Dr. Nupur Delhi, Timings: 2 pm to 3. Language: Hindi, English, Marathi and Kannada. Contact- 8657422089 – Dr. Priyanka Patil Jalon Maharashtra, Time: 2 to 4. Language: Marathi, Dr. Meenal Hada Tamil Nadu, Time: 3 to 4. Language: Tamil.
More than 15 doctors joined ABVP Dr. Rahat told that initially most of the doctors of Ujjain, Indore and other cities associated with his team were with him from the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. But when it felt that the problem is complicated across the country and the patients are in great need of a doctor, in such a way, they started adding doctors from other provinces for the patients across the country. Now a big team of doctors is ready.

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