The judiciary is also not left untouched by the devastation of the Corona epidemic that shook the country badly. Due to the corona infection, not only the functioning of the courts across the country was affected, but it also took the lives of the judges and the officers working in the court. Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Thursday recalled members of the judicial fraternity that lost Covid-19, saying that 3 High Court judges and 34 judicial officers have lost their lives fighting the epidemic.

According to the existing data, 106 judges of the High Court and 2 thousand 768 judicial officers were found to be corona infected. However, CJI Ramna said that corona figures of 2 major high courts have also not been found.

Chief Justice Ramna said that about 800 registry staff have also been found to be Corona positive. In addition, six registrars and 10 additional registrars of the Supreme Court were also infected at different times. He said that unfortunately three Supreme Court officials lost their lives in a fight with Corona.

CJI NV Ramana said during a virtual event organized to launch a mobile facility that my heart is filled with the condolences of the bereaved families and loved ones, whose corona epidemic has caused emptiness in their lives.


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