The gang who cheated by sending popups to pornography surfers on the Internet busted

New Delhi: Delhi Police has busted a gang of online thugs who were extorting money by sending popup notifications to people through the internet. These thugs used to send popup notifications to people searching the internet posing as police officers and claiming that those who are watching pornography, they would not pay a fine of Rs 3 thousand, otherwise legal action would be taken against them. The police claim that the main member of this gang is running this thug business by sitting in Cambodia.

what is the matter

Delhi Police’s Cyber ​​Cell (Cypad) DCP Anesh Roy said that some people informed the cyber cell that while surfing the pornography website, a popup message notification came, claiming that it is illegal to search pornography website. Either pay a fine of Rs 3 thousand or else be ready for legal action. The senders of popup notifications indicate that they are from the police department.

The police also came to know that such notifications were also sent to many such people who were not watching pornography. Taking suo-moto, police registered a case and started investigation. The police got clues that the thugs are running their business from Tamil Nadu.

After a week, 2 thousand kilometers of running, 3 accused were caught

The Delhi Police has claimed that during the investigation, when it came to light that the gang members were running this entire racket from Tamil Nadu, a team of Saipad was sent to Tamil Nadu. The police team arrested three accused after raiding places like Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore etc. for about a week. The names of the accused are Gabriel James, Ram Kumar Selvam and B Dhinushant.

The whole racket is being run from Cambodia

Police said that during interrogation it was revealed that Dhinushant’s brother Chandrakant alias Chandru handles the technical operation of this entire racket. How to generate popup, whom to send, who to send UPI link, everything is running from Cambodia.

Transactions worth 30 lakhs detected in 5 months

Police say that the investigation so far has revealed that in the interval from February 2021 to June 2021, this gang has cheated people of about 30 lakh rupees. This amount has come out from the transactions of 20 different bank accounts being operated by them. Apart from this, it has also come to the fore that this gang was asking people for money through UPI etc. and then sitting in Cambodia, Chandru was converting this entire amount into cryptocurrency and moving this entire money from here to there.

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