Harwinder Kaur’s dream was to become Air Hostess, but it could not be fulfilled due to her low height. But on the strength of courage, she managed to fulfill her dreams and today is a successful lawyer.

‘Never meet anyone where …’ These words written by Nida Fazli Sahab seem to reflect the truth. It is true that not everyone gets everything in life, but there are some people who may not have got much, but they show their dreams by fulfilling their dreams. One of them is Harwinder Kaur. 24-year-old Harvinder Kaur is not less than anyone, but due to his short height, he often had to be a target of the people. His height is just 3 feet, 11 inches. But despite this, she did not let it come in the way of his goal and not only fulfilled his dreams, but through his courage became an inspiration for others like him.

Many a time confidence broken but not lost
According to a report by Dejvolta Production, Harvinder Kaur aka Ruby is the youngest Lawyer of India. Although his dream was to become air hostess, but due to his low height it could not be fulfilled. In an interview, she told that he wanted to play hockey but could not play it because of his stature. She did many things for his short height. Get treatment, but nothing came out. The situation even happened that in order to avoid making fun of people, she had locked herself in the room. But her spirits did not leave him and he decided to enter the legal profession. Now her dream is to become a judge.  She is currently working in the Jalandhar Court. But it was not easy for her to reach here. People used to make fun of her short stature.

Today there are thousands of followers – After getting disappointment from every side, many times her courage was broken which pushed her towards stress, anxiety, but she gave herself courage. Watched Motivational videos and made herself strong. Then she decided to pursue a career in the law field and for this she took care of her studies by diverting attention from every side and today she is not only successful on her own courage, but has succeeded in showing that you can make yourself qualified. No obstacle can stop you. She is also a Motivational speaker with a lawyer. She is very active on social media. She has thousands of followers here.


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