Target assigned to ministries under PM Gatishakti till 2024-25, read full information

PM GatiShakti Master Plan: Prime Minister Modi launched the PM Gatishakti National Master Plan for Multi-Modal Connectivity Scheme on Wednesday. In this regard, on the basis of the reports of the ministries and the NITI Aayog, the Prime Minister has also set a target of 2024-25 for all the ministries.

Prime Minister’s Office released target figures

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, under the National Master Plan, Bharat Mala, Sagar Mala, Ports, Udan, Economic Zones and Railways will be connected among themselves in terms of transport facilities. Industrial corridors and defense corridors will also be connected. Targets have also been given to different ministries for 2024-25.

Goals of the Ministry of Railways, Roads and Civil Aviation

Railways have been given a target of 1600 million tonnes of cargo. The Ministry of Road Transport has been given a target to expand the National Highway to 2 lakh route kilometers. The Civil Aviation Ministry has been given a target to build 220 airports, helipads, water aerodromes.

Goals of Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

The Petroleum Ministry has been given a target of laying 17,000 km of additional gas pipelines. The Ministry of Power has been given a target to expand the power transmission network to 4,54,200 circuit kilometres. A target has been given to increase the renewable energy capacity to 225 GW.

Telecom, health and textile goals

The Telecom Ministry has been given a target of providing 4G mobile connectivity to all villages in the country by 2022. 109 pharma and medical device clusters will be created. A target has been given to set up 90 Mega Textile Clusters, Mega Textile Parks.

Fisheries and Food Ministry Goals

A target has been given to double the fishing exports with the construction of 202 fishing clusters, fishing harbours, landing centers. A target has been given to build 197 Mega Food Parks and Ergo Processing Centers. A target has been given to increase the food processing and preservation capacity to 847 lakh metric tonnes.

Defense and Industrial Corridor

A target has been given to build 2 defense corridors and 11 industrial corridors with a developed area of ​​25,000 acres.

Railway Minister gave this information in a special conversation with ABP News

    • Railways will build about 500 multi-modal transport centers at a cost of 50 thousand crores. These will be only for cargo, passenger trains will not pass through here.
    • Under Gati Shakti, these centers will be completed by 2025. In the next 3 years, 200 multi-modal transport centers will be set up.
    • These centers will be made in such a way that the railways can connect to all other possible transport resources at these centers for cargo transport so that the transport goods can reach their final destination in a seamless manner from their starting point.
    • Railways will play a big role in PM Gatishakti Yojana. New passenger railway stations will also be built in such a way that they are connected by bus, metro and other resources. Multi-modal connectivity is the core of Gatishakti scheme.

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