Kariyaunai Delhi. The second wave of Covid-19 has again damaged the country’s economy. Lockdown has been started again in many states. How to get jobs in such times and how to avoid layoffs. For this, for young readers, News18 has started a special series “Naukari ki bat” with the country’s top HR leader. In the “Naukari Ki Bat” series, PedalStart co-founder Manas Pal said, “Before enrolling in any course, I would advise young people to keep their passion in mind and Would say that more and more work should be done on the real project. According to him, many companies consider the online course to be a proof of theoretical knowledge, but consider the experiences of the project to be of double benefit.
 Question: First of all, tell us what to do about those who lost jobs in times of epidemic?answer : I always believe that the job is temporary but the skill, expertise and ability is permanent. The company can leave an employee for any reason which is sometimes appropriate and sometimes not. However, your skills, expertise and ability will help you get a better opportunity every time, whether you are an employee or an employer. So try to make yourself more competent and be ready to fight any crisis like epidemic, recession etc. in a new avatar.
 Question: How can I develop a new skill?
answer : My thinking is that every human should get new skills or increase skills not only in the time of this epidemic but also to work step by step with the fast growing and developing country. There are many options for online learning today. You just have to see who among them suits your future. Stay in touch with your seniors and mentors for updates on trends and future.
 Question: A lot of courses have been available online since the epidemic. If someone does these courses, will companies hire them? answer : Yes But before taking admission in any course from the youth, I would advise to keep their passion in mind and say that we should work more and more on the real project. Many companies consider online courses to be proof of theoretical knowledge, but consider project experiences to be of double benefit. Question: When the market is slowly opening, where and how should young people look for jobs? Answer: Stay in touch with your seniors and mentors. Keep updating your LinkedIn profile and try to contact the HR, startup founders and leadership teams of various companies. There are many online portals for job seekers. So keep updating your profile so that recruiters keep an eye on you.
 Question: Do you think there will be changes in the recruitment process after Covid-19? answer : This will depend on the job profile. Some will remain as before and some may change slightly, but broadly the process of appointment will be the same as before.

Question: How to prepare for the interview in this difficult time? answer : I believe that they should spend 80 percent of their time on skills and the remaining 20 percent on current affairs, company profiles and job-related aspects.

Question: In today’s situation, what kind of new employment opportunities will be available and what will be the form of career? If there will be a lot of changes in the coming time? answer : If we talk about the post-Kovid era, education, healthcare, e-retail / e-commerce, fintech / financial services and OTT and online gaming will be the fastest growing sectors. There will be a lot of opportunities within these sectors, from IT to accounts and sales to operations. So stay updated with the skills required and keep in touch with the relevant stakeholders.

Question: Can you tell our readers how many job prospects are there in this field and what will be the future scenario? answer : I believe that artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data are new verticals. Many of these people are looking for many things with different perspectives and possibilities. The achievements so far seem incredible, so there is undoubtedly a very good future in these verticals.

Question: Can you tell us what qualifications and skills are necessary for different positions in this field? answer : The details of the skills are not sure, but nowadays design thinking is very much in practice and it is very important.

Question: Tell us about your company’s hiring process? answer : We first see Passion. Second, we see that there is openness required to learn and third is skill. You can keep in touch with us through email and LinkedIn. All the necessary information and contact details are available on the website..

Question: What kind of skill do you want and how do you evaluate it? answer : We mostly focus on design thinking. Let us see how deeply he answered the questions we asked to the candidate. What kind of solutions are there? Is his thinking long term or short term?

Question: What are the prospects of growth in your company and in this sector? answer : We are creating a community of entrepreneurs who can take advantage of our pre-incubation and virtual incubation systems. In other words, he will get an opportunity to interact with a lot of people every day and we believe that the more people we connect with and the more deeply we will get, our knowledge board will automatically grow.

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