Srinagar: Nearly six months of untiring hard work, the coordination of common people, voluntary organizations and many departments of the government has started showing its color. Water is once again visible in the Khushalsar lake, which is on the verge of death in the Idgah and Nowshera areas in the heart of Srinagar. When the work of cleaning this lake started in December 2020, there was only litter and weeds.

Along with Dal and Nagin lake, two small lakes of Khushalsar and Gillisar were also among the famous lakes of Srinagar. In both the lakes, the water of Dal Lake used to come from Nala Amir Khan, but decades of human greed and negligence of the government machinery had made this drain a gutter. Through this the dirty water of the old city used to come to Khushalsar.

Seeing the plight of Khushalsar, an NGO named Nagin Lake Conservation Organization (NLCO) took the initiative to clean Khushalsar. According to the head of the organization Manzoor Wangnu, in 2001 his organization cleaned the Nagin lake and when he came to Khushalsar, people made fun of him. But not being frightened by this, he started lifting garbage from the lake with the help of dozens of laborers and hunters. Some other small organizations came together to help them but the cleaning work could not progress.

The lake which was once spread over 450 acres has now reduced to 170 acres due to illegal occupation and construction of houses. But it was very difficult to do the cleaning work manually. Therefore, the local people of the area together added money and formed an NGO named Khushalsar Coordination Committee and together took forward the work.

Seeing their encouragement, the government also finally had to come forward to help and in the month of May this year, the master harvester and other machines cleaning the Dal Lake were deployed in Khushalsar. Due to this the work of cleaning the lake was completed up to thirty-forty percent and now there is only water in an area of ​​1.5 km X 600 meters.

According to Riyaz Ahmed, an employee of the Flood Control Department, who is involved in the cleaning work, it may still take five-six months to clean the lake and if the weather does not cooperate then this work can extend to a year.

As on date, Lakes and Waterways Development Authority, Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Flood and Mechanical Engineering Division, Public Health Engineering and Srinagar District Administration together are taking out forty-fifty trucks of garbage and hay from the lake every day.

According to another government employee Nazir Ahmed, at present he is getting fifty-sixty trucks of hay from the lake in a day and if he gets more number of trucks then he can complete this work faster.

But even today the water is not getting cleaned due to illegal occupancy, drainage of dirty water from houses and factories built nearby. According to Mohammad Rafiq, who lives on the banks of the lake, thirty years ago the water of the lake was so clean that people used it for food and drink.

According to Mohammad Altaf, chairman of Khushalsar Coordination Committee, the people of the area have seen good days of this lake and till now it was in bad condition. Now they hope that once again shikaras on the lake and tourists will visit Khushalsar in them.

It is true that if the common people and the government join hands, then no task is difficult and no goal is impossible. While taking the initiative of cleaning Khushalsar, people hardly expected that there would be any success in it, but today the work of cleaning a part of the lake is completed, now people hope that this lake will also be buzzing like Dal Lake.


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