Spurious Household Products: raids on those selling fake helmets, gas cylinders and pressure cookers

CCPA On Spurious Helmets, Pressure Cooker, Cooking Gas Cylinder: The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has intensified its campaign against the sale of counterfeit helmets and fake or counterfeit home-use products. The consumer protection regulator said on Wednesday that this campaign is being run in the public interest against those selling pressure cookers, two-wheeler helmets and LPG cylinders with fake ‘IS marks’. The CCPA has already issued notices to five e-commerce companies including Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm Mall. Nidhi Khare, Chief Commissioner, CCPA said, “Many vendors on these e-commerce platforms are selling pressure cookers that do not meet Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) norms.”

CCPA in Action
The CCPA has sent notices to five e-commerce companies and several vendors for selling pressure cookers that do not meet the Bureau of Indian Standards standards. Khare said, “We have intensified surveillance and enforcement against those selling counterfeit products not only in the offline market but also on e-commerce platforms. Under this nationwide campaign, we have identified three products…pressure cooker, two wheeler helmet and LPG cylinder.

Investigation handed over to district collectors
He said that in order to check the sale of such counterfeit products in the markets, the CCPA has asked all the district collectors to investigate the companies against whom complaints of violation of consumer rights have been received. The District Collector will do this investigation within his powers and will give a report about this in the next two months. Apart from this, the CCPA is personally monitoring all e-commerce platforms to check the sale of counterfeit products, Khare said. “Our focus is on these three products in particular. We will sue when such cases come to the fore.”

appeal to consumers
He appealed to all the consumers to check the Indian Standard (IS) mark of BIS for their own safety while purchasing these products. Look for this IS mark in the features of customer products on websites as well. Khare said that consumers should be aware that pressure cooker, two wheeler helmet and LPG cylinder cannot be sold without the mark of ‘IS’.

What do consumers see on the product?
For example, consumers should look for the BIS mark ‘IS 4151:2015’ on the helmet and ‘IS 2347:2017’ on the pressure cooker, he said.

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