Society people fed up with the obscene antics of couples, got them painted and written – ‘No Kissing Zone’

Mumbai: A residential society in Mumbai has openly protested against the ongoing kissing on the streets. The society has got the paint ‘No Kissing Zone’ written on the roads, justifying kissing in the open area. This incident happened in the Satyam Shivam Sundaram Society of Borivali area of ​​Mumbai. According to reports, the people of the society told that during the lockdown, some couples started staying on the roads passing by. During this, the couples used to talk while standing on the streets and they used to indulge in kissing as soon as they got a chance.

According to the news website BBC, people of the society say about the kissing happening on the streets every day, that it is not good to see couples doing this. The people of the society told that after writing ‘No Kissing Zone’ on the road, now couples have started coming there.

Referring to the writing of ‘No Kissing Zone’, a resident said that children live inside the society, so seeing such an act can have a bad effect on the children. He said that this is the reason why ‘No Kissing Zone’ had to be written.

Another resident of the society said that the couple was first seen kissing on the adjacent road. During this, his video was made and sent to the local corporator. After which the corporator gave this video to the police.

The corporator sitting in anticipation of action did not get any response in this regard from the police. After which the people living in the society took advice among themselves and got ‘No Kissing Zone’ written on the road outside the gate.

Regarding writing a no kissing zone, advocate Vinay Ansurkar, chairman of the society said, “We are not opposing couples. But, those people are against what they do. In such a situation, the children and the elderly living in our homes are affected in a very different way.

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