Olympic medalist Sushil Pehelwan, accused in the wrestler Sagar Dhankhar murder case, also attacked Sagar’s partner Sonu Malik alias Soni Mahal on the night of 4/5 May at Chhatrasal Stadium. Sonu was also seriously injured. How a bloody game was played at Chhatrasal Stadium on the night of 4/5 May. How wrestler Sushil Kumar carried out this whole matter by showing criminal tendencies. For the first time, Sonu Mahal, the victim of this case himself, told ABP News how he and Sagar were assaulted that night.

Sonu Mahal told what happened that night

We (Sagar and Sonu Mahal) were sitting in a flat in M ​​Block, Model Town. We had come from (Pinana) village, Sonepat. We had come to the flat at 10:00 pm, around 11- 11:15 pm 30-35 people came to our flat, they put a pistol on us and said that the wrestler is calling down. Forcibly brought us down and made us sit in the Honda City car. Before us, he had also picked up Sagar’s two friends named Amit and Ravindra from Shalimar Bagh and came to our flat with them. When we came down, Sushil Pehelwan was sitting in the Honda City car. We were forced into the car and then these people took us to Chhatrasal Stadium. We asked on the way what happened? So Sushil Pehelwan was just saying one thing that I make you a badmass and will know who is the badmass here? We were not speaking anything, then after we were taken to the stadium. There were 30-35 people with Sushil there. After that we were taken down and had been started hitting us with baseball bats and rods. He was hitting for about one and a half to two hours.

Intimidated by pistol shot

During the fight, they used to put pistols on the foreheads of Loh and Sagar and then opened fire from near the ear. He fired several rounds. When these people were beating me and Sagar, Amit and Ravindra hid. Amit was hiding under a car. Ravindra went out and called the PCR. When police vehicles came playing sirens, Sushil Pehelwan got the stadium gate closed and then all of them fled from there. There was a wrestler Surjeet, who is from Sushil’s arena. From there he started cleaning bullet kiosks and traces of blood. The police entered the stadium by closing the door.

At the same time, when Sushil and his accomplices fled from there, Amit came out from under the car and told the police that he had thrown two boys down in the basement. The police had once returned empty from the basement. Amit said again, then for the second time the police reached us. After that we were taken to the hospital. Sushil had thrown me and Sagar in the basement with the help of his companions. We were covered with mats (plastic sheets). Had it not been done by Amit, the police would not have come to know that both of us are in the basement. Sagar has died, I may have died too.

Police showed negligence in the matter

But the police did not play a special role in this whole matter. The night we were both taken to the hospital. The police did not take any statement from us. I had also given the number of my family members to the police, but they did not get me to talk. If the police wanted, they could have also taken Sagar’s statement on the same night, but did not talk to him too and Sagar died in the morning. There is a friend of Sagar named Bhagtu. Sushil had taken him with him to his house. In the morning when Sushil came to know that Sagar had died, he released Bhagtu and then fled from there.

There was no dispute with Sushil

We had no quarrel with Sushil. The way it is being said that there was any dispute regarding the flat, then that is also wrong, because we had vacated the flat in March. In fact, when Sushil had asked to vacate the flat, Sagar had said where would I go suddenly. If I get the another flat, I will vacate it then and there. Sushil had called us inside Chhatrasal Stadium to talk in March also. At that time he was saying this to scare us that he has contacts with many criminals. He was saying in the conversation that he had got a Ferrari cut by Ramveer Shokeen, who is the maternal uncle of Neeraj Bawania. He was kept hidden in Chhatrasal Stadium itself. He had told his contacts with many more miscreants.

Real cause of conflict

Sonu claims that the real reason for the fight is that Sagar Dhankar was a good wrestler and he was earning a name in the wrestling world. Sagar and about 30-35 of his fellow wrestlers had started leaving Chhatrasal Stadium and they started going to Narela in Virendra Koch’s arena. Sushil was very upset by this. He felt that his arena was getting empty at the behest of Sagar. From this he wanted to teach Sagar a lesson.

Sushil accused of sending junior wrestlers in disputed property matters

Sonu has also claimed that Sushil used to send his junior wrestlers in disputed property matters at the behest of different miscreants. Apart from this, he also used to adopt the wrong attitude. Sagar considered Sushil Pehelwan as his guru. Used to touch his feet, but Sushil has carried out this entire massacre for his supremacy. What is being said that Sagar Dhankar had misbehaved with Sushil or caught Sushil’s collar 2 days before this incident, this thing is also wrong. We had gone to the village 2 days before this whole incident. Delhi Police also initially tried to suppress this whole matter. The wrestler named Surjeet was destroying evidence inside the stadium in front of the police. He was removing blood stains. He was picking up the shells of bullets.

I am both the victim and the complainant in this matter. Sushil hit us like animals. Even now I do not forget the scene of that night.

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