New Delhi. Coronavirus has caused havoc all over the country. More than three lakh new cases are coming out every day. Experts are taking different opinions to check the corona. Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that lockdown is necessary to curb the corona. He said that now ‘full lockdown’ is the only way left. Rahul Gandhi also said that innocent people are losing their lives due to the inaction of the Indian government. Rahul Gandhi targeted the central government for poor management to deal with Corona. He tweeted, ‘Government of India is not understanding. In the current situation, complete lockdown is the only way to prevent the corona from spreading. Many innocent people are dying due to the inaction of the Government of India.

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet

Let me tell you that even before this, Rahul Gandhi targeted the government on the corona. He said that the whole world is worried about the situation here. He also said that when the second wave was going on, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already taken credit for winning the ‘war against Covid-19’ and now he is ‘putting the ball in the court’. He alleged, ‘The fact is that this government, from the beginning, completely failed to understand and deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. Despite constant warnings, it failed to deal with it from day one.

India is the second country where more than 20 million people have been infected. The pace of infection is so fast that in just 137 days, the cases have crossed 1 crore to 2 crore. In the last 24 hours, 3 lakh 57 thousand 229 new cases of corona have been reported across the country. In the last 24 hours, 3 thousand 449 people have died from Corona. At the same time, 3 lakh 20 thousand 289 people have also recovered on Monday.

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