Chandigarh: Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu accused the central government of supplying less number of doses of Kovid-19 vaccines to the state as compared to the BJP-ruled states. The minister claimed that inadequate supply of vaccines has slowed down the pace of vaccination campaign in the state. He said that Punjab has the capacity to vaccinate three lakh people every day.

Balbir Singh Sidhu issued a statement saying that the vaccination data showed that the pace of vaccination campaign has increased manifold in BJP ruled states like Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. He said that 17 lakh doses were administered in Madhya Pradesh on June 21, whereas before June 20, an average of 1.75 lakh doses were given per day. “There is an overall nine-fold increase in this regard which highlights the disparity in the supply of vaccines to the states through the Government of India,” the minister alleged.

supply gap concern

He claimed that Madhya Pradesh got 17 lakh doses in a day, while Punjab got only 16 lakh doses between June 1 and June 24. Sidhu said the gap between demand and supply is a matter of concern and equitable distribution of vaccines is crucial for the success of the vaccination campaign. He claimed that Haryana saw a 7.14-fold increase in dosage, Karnataka 5.50-fold, Assam 5, Uttarakhand 3.80, Himachal Pradesh 3, Uttar Pradesh 2.29 and Gujarat 2.5 times. Sidhu said that Punjab got only 17 lakh doses in the month of May.

He said that despite the assurance given by the Center to provide 21 lakh doses in June, it has given only 16 lakh doses of the vaccine. The minister said that this shows uneven supply of vaccines which is affecting the vaccination campaign in Punjab. He demanded the supply of two lakh doses of vaccine every day for Punjab.

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