Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets US Vice President Kamala Harris

PM Modi US Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three-day visit to America. At this time the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US Vice President Kamala Harris has started. Let us tell you, this is happening for the first time that the American Vice President of Indian origin is welcoming the Indian Prime Minister in Washington.

Kamala Harris welcomed the Prime Minister and talked about PM Modi’s leadership on Corona. Kamala Harris said that she is very happy to welcome the PM of India. At the same time, in this conversation, PM Modi also praised Kamala Harris a lot. PM Modi said that Kamala Harris is like an inspiration to the whole world. Let us tell you, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also invited Kamala Harris to come to India. She has said that if she comes to India, then the whole country will be very happy.

Will meet with the Prime Minister of Japan

At the same time, after talks with Vice-President Kamala Harris, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. Let us tell you, before this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the CEOs of five companies as well as he also had a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. There have been talks between the two countries regarding many issues including corona virus, defence. Along with this, along with promoting economic relations, many topics were discussed to improve personal relations. Let us tell you, last year, there was a meeting between the two leaders virtually in June.

Ahead of his meeting with top industry executives, Modi had said he would meet CEOs of five companies from different sectors to apprise them of the economic opportunities in India. It is noteworthy that Narayan is associated with information technology and digital priority, on which the Government of India is giving special emphasis. Modi’s meeting with Lal assumes significance as General Atomics is not only a leader in military drone technologies, but also one of the world’s top manufacturers of state-of-the-art military drones.

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