World Economic Forum: two corona vaccines are being applied in India

new Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum) meeting was addressed through video conferencing. PM Modi Said that India has made available two made in India vaccines (Covid Vaccination), soon many more vaccines will be available to the world. The Prime Minister said that during the Corona epidemic crisis, India not only saved the lives of its people but also played its global responsibility.

In the ‘Davos Samvad’, the Prime Minister said that on the economic front too, the picture of India will change now. He also invited industry to join the development journey of the country. He said that in the early days of Corona, experts had claimed that there would be a tsunami of corona cases in India. Someone feared the death of more than 20 lakh people. But India did not let disappointment dominate. India trained health workers to deal with this situation and every Indian made this movement a mass movement.

The Prime Minister said that it would not be appropriate to assess the success of India with the success of any one country. The country in which 18 percent of the world’s population lives. By effectively controlling the corona, that country has saved the entire world, humanity from great tragedy. At the time of starting Corona, we used to get masks and PPE kits from abroad but today India is supplying them. India is among those countries which succeeded in saving the lives of more and more people. India is also saving the lives of citizens of other countries by sending vaccines to many countries of the world. India has launched the world’s largest vaccination campaign. More than 23 lakh health workers have been vaccinated in the last 12 days.


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