PM Modi met CEOs of 5 companies including Qualcomm, discussed 5G and public WiFi

Eman expressed his enthusiasm to work with India on 5G, PM Vani and ambitious digital programmes. The full form of PM-Vani is Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Interface. Under this, there is a plan to set up Wi-Fi network across the country. It is the effort of the government that under this, internet should be made available to the people through Wi-Fi.

PM Modi US Visit: PM Modi meets Qualcomm CEO, discusses 5G and public WiFi
PM Modi held a meeting with Cristiano E Amon, Chief Executive Chairman (CEO) of Qualcomm, on the first day of his visit. After this, the PM met Shantanu Narayan of Adobe, Mark Widmer of First Solar, Vivek Lal of General Atomics and A Schwarzman of Blackstone. (Photo: PM Modi and Cristiano E Amon)

Shantanu Narayan is associated with information technology and digital priority, on which the Government of India is emphasizing. Both the Adobe CEO and the Prime Minister emphasized on creating some centers of excellence in the field of Artificial Intelligence in India.

First Solar’s Mark Widmer and PM Modi agreed to scale up solar manufacturing in India. The countries of the region
PM Modi’s meeting with Vivek Lal assumes significance as General Atomics is not only a leader in military drone technologies but also one of the world’s top manufacturers of state-of-the-art military drones.

A Schwarzman of Blackstone told PM Modi about Blackstone’s investment in India and his plans to increase it further. PM Modi said that there is scope for further expansion of Blackstone’s partnership in India. He specifically talked about asset monetization and bad banks.

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