New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended the Indo-UK bilateral virtual meeting on Tuesday. In this meeting, the two leaders discussed the situation arising out of Corona virus infection and shared efforts to deal with the epidemic. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi, the two leaders also discussed regional and global issues with common interests. The spokesman said that giving a new height to the India-UK relationship, the Roadmap -2030 has been accepted at the summit. Under this, both countries will deepen and strengthen their relations in 5 important areas for the next decade. After the summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted and gave information about the summit. The Prime Minister wrote, “My friend took part in a virtual summit with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We have accepted the ambitious Roadmap -2030 to transform India-UK relationship into a deeper strategic partnership.” The Prime Minister explained that “we have decided to pursue trade partnerships between the two countries, and aim to double the trade between the two countries by 2030. In addition to this we have introduced many new initiatives in the field of health, technology and energy They have also agreed to the beginning of the plans. ” He wrote, “We also discussed joint efforts between the two countries to deal with the Kovid epidemic and reiterated our efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement on the issue of climate change.”
Approves investment of one billion pounds Before the summit, the British government on Tuesday finalized a one billion pound investment agreement with India, which will create more than 6,500 jobs. The UK Prime Minister’s Office confirmed these investments on Monday evening, which are part of the Advanced Business Partnership (ETP). The ETP will set an ambitious target of doubling UK-India bilateral trade by 2030 and efforts will be made to move towards a Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
6,500 jobs will be created in India Johnson said, “Like all aspects of the UK-India relationship, our economic ties make our people strong and secure.” He said, “More than 6,500 jobs were announced today to help families and communities with the corona virus It will help in recovering from the outbreak and it will give a boost to the British and Indian economy. Today, with the help of new partnership and a comprehensive free trade agreement, we will double our business partnership with India in the coming decade and take the relationship between the two countries to new heights. ”
Serum invested £ 24 million
According to the trade and investment package announced by the British government, new investment of £ 53.3 million will come from India in areas such as UK health and technology. This includes an investment of £ 24 million from the Serum Institute of India, under which a new sales office will be opened. Around 20 Indian companies, along with Pune-based vaccine manufacturer, have announced significant investments in the UK in areas such as healthcare, biotech and software.

In the healthcare sector, another Indian company, Global Gene Corp, will invest £ 59 million over the next five years.

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