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  • Is it fair to say the beaten word? – Nitish Kumar
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  • Union Minister Giriraj Singh gave a statement in Begusarai

In a program involving farmers at Khodavandpur, about 40 km from Begusarai, Giriraj Singh had spoken of ‘killing the officials with the bamboo who did not work. Giriraj Singh is the Union Minister for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, he will have to be raised by many officials, many will be attending big meetings. Without the officials, neither a policy can be made nor can it be implemented. It is equally true that no policy will be applicable and no work will be done by ‘hitting with bamboo’. Then why did Giriraj Singh talk about ‘killing the officers with bamboo’?

… when people face ‘red tape’
In fact, when any policy from Delhi and Patna reaches the block and the police station through the district, then the ‘worm’ of ‘red tape’ has penetrated into it. Since the last units to implement the government policy are the blocks and the police stations. Most of the people fall in line with the biggest officer sitting in these blocks, CO (Block Officer) and BDO (Block Development Officer). People coming from the village are also less aware of the law. Most people are less educated. When he goes to the block office for minor work, he first encounters the clerk. Then Baba Babu, through Nazir, the matter reaches CO and BDO. For small work, many times he would have cycled the block from the village, hoping that expectations would break.

Miss the ‘Vote’ when it is not expected from the authorities
When the people are denied to the authorities, they remember their ‘vote’. Everyone has the same vote for the leaders. Whether he is educated or illiterate, poor or rich, he has to listen to everyone. When Giriraj Singh arrived in Khodavandpur, people felt that their MPs had arrived, then wrote down their issues (problems) and gave them to Giriraj Singh. They also kept it. Taking a chance in the program, Giriraj Singh also took a quick look at those slips. There was no problem in that Giriraj Singh needed to tell a senior officer. All the problems were block level. If the officers do their work, then there is no need for such slips.

What did Union Minister Giriraj Singh say in Khodavandpur?
In a two-minute video clip, Giriraj Singh has said that ‘You are the boss in a democracy … MPs, MLAs, DMs, SDOs, DDCs, they are under your control. You take your good talk and go away. A friend wrote that … Here the COs are messing up, I gave it to the SDO … See that. You go … needless to say this to Giriraj … Your right, if your right is violated then Giriraj is standing here. Because you have made me an MP, you have made someone an MLA, you have made someone a Zilla Parishad, you have a head on your force. You are not on the strength of the head, MLA, MP. Keep this in mind, so keep the morale high. ‘

Begusarai News: If the officials do not listen, shoot them with bamboo, Giriraj Singh said from the filled platform

If you are not heard, then hit with the bamboo, don’t you …
After this, Giriraj Singh said in Maithili language that ‘(Hum kariyayi dekhoon na sunbe na karichai … barber suniyi chee hai hai … beat me with bamboo … new suniyi chhe … new how sunatai) What do we do … He does not listen. If you are not listening then hit it with bamboo. No, it is not listening. No, how will you listen? We do not want to hear these words that the (new Sunhei six) is not listening. (New Sunhee Chhe) Not listening, the words we are not wanting to hear. ‘

Giriraj Singh further said that ‘Neither we will say illegitimate nor we will tolerate illegitimate. Neither do we ask any officer to do illegitimate work. Neither can we tolerate the illegitimate nude dance of any officer. That’s why I also tell you that the small paper that you see in front of me … Nauva (shave) grows hair … by bringing such paper. Not this … You should have the right. ‘

People complained about the CO of Khodavandpur
CO is Subodh Kumar of Khodavandpur in Begusarai district. For the last two years, his posting has been in Khodavandpur. He was not present in the program organized at the Agricultural Research Center. People had written to him and complained to Giriraj Singh about his work. However, Giriraj Singh immediately conveyed his complaints to the SDO. But he could not stay away from them and the matter reached ‘Hit with Bamboo’.

Nitish Kumar gave the answer in question
When asked about Giriraj Singh’s statement ‘Hit with bamboo’, Nitish Kumar asked, “Ask him only (pointing thumb at the back) … Is it fair to say beating words anywhere?” Is the proper word? Ask him this only.

Bihar News: CM Nitish breaks silence on Giriraj Singh’s comment about officers, know what said …

When asked by Bihar Deputy CM and BJP leader Tarkishore Prasad on Giriraj’s statement, he said that “Giriraj da is the leader of all of us … it seems that he has made some such remarks in the spirit.” It should be avoided. His basic feeling must have been that public representatives should be respected by the authorities.

Bihar Politics: Tarkishore Prasad defended Giriraj Singh on ‘Shoot with Bamboo ..’, said- must have spoken in emotion

Guidelines for public representatives, but when for the public?
However, in Bihar, all the MLAs, MPs and Ministers who have been brought up with ‘Lalafitashashahi’ are ready to work for the common people. Complaints were also made in the Legislative Assembly that the behavior of the officers was not good towards the people’s representatives. When the attitude of the officers towards the chosen Namayenda is not good, then what is the situation of the common man? How will officers behave with the public representatives of Bihar government? Made a guideline for this, but in this democracy, how should the officials deal with the people whose votes are elected by the people’s representatives? When will the rules and regulations be set for this? So that people like Giriraj Singh do not have to give slips nor should any representative say things like ‘kill with bamboo’.

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