Soon, West to Wonder Park will be opened to the public. After this, in the weekend, you can do a blast in this park with your children.

Noida. You can also fulfill the desire of drinking tea and coffee in front of Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, in Noida. For this you will not need to go to Agra or Delhi. You can enjoy coffee sips in front of the Taj Mahal by sitting on the bench on the side of the Greater Noida Expressway in Noida. For this, Noida Authority is preparing West to Wonder Park.

The Noida Authority is preparing two to three West to Wonder Park to enjoy the park with the children who are naughty. Waste to Wonder Park are being made from the material lying in the junk. Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Stupa of Sanchi and Ghats of Banaras are being built only from the waste generated from houses, offices and factories. The special thing is that an open gym is also being built in the park. These parks are being built along the side of the Greater Noida Expressway.

Noida Authority has built this two gates with the first junk  – According to the experts, the Noida Authority has already made many shapes from the junk coming out of the city. These include Noida’s Welcome Point and Charkha, built from plastic vest at Chilla Border and Model Town Roundabout. The aim of the authority is that the construction of such parks will reduce the waste coming out of the city. In West to Wonder Park, the authority will conduct awareness campaign about this. Waste with grass will also be used to decorate the park.

This park has already been built by the Authority  – Noida Authority has also built parks in the city on different themes in the past. In this, drug park, biodiversity park in Sector-91 have been prepared. At the same time, the exercise to prepare Vedvan is also going on in Sector-78. Work is also underway on the proposal of Dog Park, Disabled Park. The work of developing Wetland in Sector-54 has already started.

There is still some process left in the work of wetland in Sector-91. The West to Wonder Park will be built on the PPP model. In this, the shapes of the heritage, historical and mythological sites of the state will be made from the West. This type of park will be the first in UP.


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