New Delhi. Amidst the havoc of Corona, many hospitals in Delhi are still complaining of lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, once again a hearing was held in the Delhi High Court on the issue of lack of oxygen. During the hearing, the High Court once again reprimanded the Central Government and warned of contempt action. The High Court made a sharp comment and said to the Center that you can hide your head in the sand like an ostrich, but we will not do so. The High Court said that if the Delhi government does not demand, will people be allowed to die? The High Court asked the central government, “Will you both criticize each other while people are going to go?” Not only this, the High Court issued a show cause notice to the Central Government and asked that in spite of the orders of the High Court and the Supreme Court, why the oxygen supply is not being done properly to the Delhi Government? During this, the court ordered two officers of the center to appear during the hearing on Wednesday.
You can be blind we can’t During the hearing, the Delhi government lawyer told the court that we are still not getting 590MT oxygen, due to which many people are dying. On this, the ASG said on behalf of the central government that the Delhi government should not make such statements. Hearing this, the High Court expressed displeasure and reprimanded the Center and said, ‘This is not rhetoric. Isn’t it true that there is not enough oxygen being supplied. How can you be so insensitive? You can be blind, we are not. ‘

High court said – People are losing their lives Even after this, the counsel for the Central Government said that there is no need to be emotional. On which again the Delhi High Court expressed displeasure and said that it is only an emotional matter that people are dying. At the same time, with regard to oxygen, Seth Air said that his machine is running more than time, due to which there has been a shortage of staff. This is the reason why the company is on the verge of closure. There is an appeal to the court that paramilitary forces should be deployed for this work. For this, Delhi government officials should go there and submit a report.

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