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Whenever a natural disaster of any kind occurs in the country, first aid is sought from the NDRF. Rescue plays an active role in all types of operations from operations and many people are saved due to their excellent work. Now that the country is currently fighting the second wave of Corona, in such a difficult time, the NDRF is coming forward and fighting for its share. NDRF is also very active in saving the country from Corona’s other blacksmiths. NDRF is playing an important role in the supply of oxygen plant and its supply in the country. Due to NDRF, many hospitals are reaching oxygen plants on time.

NDRF’s role in the Battle of Corona
In the Corona era, when the whole country is struggling with lack of oxygen, in such a situation, medical aid is being provided to India by various friendly countries. In such a situation, the NDRF is playing an important role in providing necessary assistance in getting the oxygen plants procured from abroad to safe places and installing them. In this episode, on May 5, India received an oxygen plant from the US as a medical aid, which was to be set up at ESIC Hospital Okhla Delhi first. But later it was decided to set up this plant at ESIC Jhilmil New Delhi. In the same sequence, on May 9, this plant was set up by the NDRF at ESIC Jhilmil. This plant has the capacity to produce 200 liters of oxygen per minute, which is sufficient for a 40-bed hospital.

Great role in oxygen supply
It has been reported that out of the four oxygen plants by the NDRF, two have been received from Italy and Ireland which have been set up at ITBP-run referral hospital Greater Noida and the other at ESIC Hospital Faridabad. At the same time, the oxygen plant received from Germany is being set up at DRDO Hospital New Delhi and the oxygen plant obtained from America at ESIC Jhilmil East Delhi. Time is also being saved due to NDRF and oxygen supply is also seen in time.


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