Mundka fire: Families wandering here and there in search of loved ones, will be identified by DNA test

Delhi Mundka Fire: A massive fire broke out in a factory in Mundka, in which 27 people died. There many people are still missing. All the bodies were brought to Delhi’s Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, where their families were waiting since evening. So far more than 100 people have been rescued, while most of the dead have not been identified yet.

trying to identify with DNA
The family of 20-year-old Sonam has been sitting in the hospital campus since last night, waiting for her and hoping she is alive. But there is no trace of Sonam. The family was called for identification, but the burnt bodies could not be identified. The family will now identify with DNA. About 70 samples for DNA will be taken from the hospital administration.

Sonam’s mother Sunita Devi says during a conversation with ABP News that she is in the hospital since 7 in the morning, Sonam was working in this camera, LED, WiFi manufacturing factory for the last one year and she gave Sonam a day before. Prepared for the office in the morning and sent it. The crying mother has tears that are not taking the name of stopping and she asks with moist eyes that “Now how do I see Sonam? The company’s people used to deposit her phone below. There was a mirror in the building from all sides. Didn’t even break it. Had the information been received at the right time, the girl could have been saved. She should be punished! When the crane has come, the glasses have been broken.”

Sonam’s brother Prince says that when he went to Mundka at 5 o’clock last evening at the time of the accident, he saw that there was a fire, but the fire could not be extinguished till 1 o’clock in the night. Sonam was on the third floor. All her friends reached, she could not reach. It is not known where she got trapped, but her friends told that the cause of the fire was a short circuit. Aunt Neelam tells that 150 people were inside where the meeting was taking place, the gate was closed. Had the gate been open, the children would have been saved. We made 4-5 hospital visits since night, nothing was known of our Sonam.

Families wandering here and there for information
Like Sonam’s family, all the family members sat in the hospital for hours waiting to find their people or get information related to them. Rahul, who is looking for his sister-in-law, says that he has called many times on these helpline numbers issued by the administration but no information is being received. Tried to call them but the phone was ringing since last evening. Let me tell you what happened. Whether they are there or not, then give information! He has three small children.

The dead and injured were brought to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, where many families are battling since night, some from morning till now for their information. Savita says that “My niece was also in that factory, she was 36 years old. I have no idea what happened to her.”

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