Everyday, some videos or pictures go viral on social media. Recently a video has gone viral, in which a tiger and a monkey are climbing on a tree. On seeing the video, people are sharing it a lot. This video has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Praveen Angusamy on Twitter.

The 30-second video begins with a tree on which the tiger and the monkey are mounted. Tiger is constantly watching the monkey to attack, while the monkey is seated holding a cast to escape from him. After seeing the monkey for a while, the tiger suddenly falls down. After this he gets down on the ground with the help of twigs. Tiger does not manage to attack the monkey until the end of the video.

The video was shared on Twitter on March 23rd, which has since been viewed by thousands. So far, 12 and a half thousand people have watched the video. Sharing the video, Praveen wrote the caption, “Do not pursue your weaknesses, but always recognize your strengths.”

All users are also commenting on the video. A user named Durgesh Rajput jokingly wrote that the monkey is telling the tiger that it was a small prank with you, looking at the camera and shaking hands. At the same time, another user named Nitin Sangwan said that after falling Tiger, he must have been wondering if anyone saw it.

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