Mizoram: Sports Minister gave reward of so many rupees to parents with more children, know the reason

Cash for parent of most children: Encouraging more child birth initiatives by Mizoram’s churches and civil society organisations, State Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte on Tuesday claimed the maximum number of children in his constituency Aizawl East-two. Two and a half lakh rupees and a citation were distributed to the 17 parents who did.

Royte, known by the locals as ‘RRR’, has honored the parents with the largest number of children on Father’s Day in June to encourage population growth among the demographically small Mizo communities in his constituency. It was announced to give one lakh rupees in cash.

Royte presented an award of Rs 1 lakh to Ngurouwi, a widow from Tuithiang area who has 15 children and seven of them are sons. Another woman, Lianthangi, a resident of Chinga Veng, was given a second prize of Rs 30,000 and a citation. Lianthangi has 13 children.

20 thousand rupees and a citation were given to two women and a man, who have 12 children each. Apart from this, 12 parents with eight children were given a consolation prize of five thousand rupees each and a citation. Royte told PTI that the decline in the growth rate of Mizo population is a serious problem.

According to the census data, the population of the state in 2011 was 10.97 lakh, which was 23.48 percent more than the population in 2001. The population of Mizoram grew exponentially between 1971-1981 when the population grew at a rate of 48.55 percent. The minister justified himself and said that the population of Mizoram is much less than the number of people needed for development.

“It is unacceptable and illogical to follow the two-child rule in a state like Mizoram where the population density is only 52 persons per square kilometer, while in other states it is 600 persons per square kilometer,” he said.

It is worth noting that in states like Assam and Uttar Pradesh, the two-child policy is applicable to curb the growing population. Royte said the population density in Mizoram is 52 persons per square kilometer and to achieve the national average it should be at least 94 persons per square kilometer. Mizo tribes constitute 87 percent of the population of Mizoram.

He said that the low population here means that there are rules for the whole country and it is harmful for some areas and communities. Royte also supported the campaign for population growth by churches and the Young Men Christian Association.

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