Man dies during trial of self-made helicopter in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal

Maharashtra: In a tragic accident in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra‍True, a man died after hitting his rotor blades during testing of a self-made helicopter. This accident happened on Wednesday. 29-year-old Is‍Mail Sheikh Ibrahim used to do welding and fabrication work in Phulswangi area of ​​Yavatmal district. He named his helicopter ‘Munna Helicopter’ and he was making it for the last two years.

Yavatmal SP Dilip Patil Bhujbal said, “On Wednesday, when Ibrahim wanted to do its trial run, while starting the engine, one of its rotor blades broke and hit his head, due to which Ibrahim died on the spot.” He told that, “Ibrahim used to do welding and fabrication work during the day for a living, while he used to work on this helicopter at night.”

Ibrahim wanted to build this helicopter for middle class people 

According to the police, “Ibrahim used to tell his friends that helicopters are sold for crores of rupees and only rich people can fly them. Ibrahim wanted to prepare this helicopter at a cost of only 30 lakh rupees so that middle class people can also buy it. Also, they can be used during natural calamities as well.”

Maruti-800’s engine was used

Police told that, “During the investigation of the incident, it was found that Ibrahim had used Maruti-800 in this helicopter. Along with this, he made other parts of it from the scrap material which he had bought from a local scrap shop.”

Khurshid Akram, a trader from Pusad city said, “Ibrahim often mentioned that he would dedicate this helicopter to the nation under the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Along with this, he had also written its slogan in this helicopter.”

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