New Delhi: Monsoon has knocked in the country. Now, including Mumbai in Maharashtra, the monsoon has gradually started knocking in Central India and North India. Although the Southwest Monsoon has arrived in Kerala with a delay of two days, it has gathered momentum and has reached almost half of the country six days ahead of schedule. According to a report by Skymet, in the year 2020, the monsoon had covered the entire country by 26 June. Whereas in the year 2019 this date was 19 July and in the year 2018 it was 29 June.

Monsoon will be normal across the country

Meteorology has said that from June to September this year, the seasonal rains of South-West Monsoon are likely to be normal across the country. Overall, the West Monsoon seasonal rains are very likely to be normal (96 per cent to 104 per cent of the Long Period Average (LPA)) during these four months across the country.

how much rain has it rained so far?

According to official data, 21% more rain has been recorded in India between June 1 and June 9 this year. Whereas May received the second highest rainfall after the year 1901 (107.9 mm). The record for the highest rainfall in May was made in the year 1990. Then 110.7 mm of rain was recorded.

By when the monsoon will cover the whole country?

Let us inform that on June 3, the monsoon had knocked in Kerala with a delay of two days. At the same time, the monsoon reached Mumbai two days ago on June 8. Till Thursday, monsoon has covered entire Maharashtra, South Madhya Pradesh and half of Odisha. Whereas monsoon usually covers these areas till 15th June. Hence the monsoon can cover the entire country by July 8.

next 48 in hours Monsoon will reach parts of UP-Bihar

The Meteorological Department has informed that in the next 48 hours, the monsoon will reach parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Monsoon may also cover some parts of Uttarakhand in the next two days. So hopefully it will reach Delhi earlier than expected. Whereas in Delhi the monsoon knocks at the end of June.

Farmers gain or lose due to early arrival of monsoon?

The early arrival of monsoon is good news for the farmers. About 60 per cent of India’s cultivated area is rain-fed and the monsoon crop, kharif, depends entirely on the onset and intensity of the monsoon. Therefore, in general, early onset of monsoon is a good sign for the rural economy.


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