New Delhi: Congress leader and former Union minister Kapil Sibal has targeted Jitin Prasada, saying that his joining the BJP is ‘Prasad’s politics’. Sibal also said that even if the Congress considered him completely useless at some point in his life, he might consider leaving the party, but would never go to the BJP as it could happen only on his dead body.

Significantly, Jitin Prasad was also included in a group of 23 leaders along with Sibal who wrote to Sonia Gandhi in August last year, demanding active leadership and comprehensive organizational changes in the party.

Former Union minister Sibal said it was his personal matter if Jitin Prasada left the party after being unhappy with the leadership’s response to the issues raised by the leaders who wrote the letter, but why did he join the BJP?

“Well, other than ‘Pratik’s politics’, what can be the solid basis for this move of his… We are seeing this happening across the country,” he emphasized.


When asked about the non-implementation of the reforms suggested by the leaders of ‘Group 23’, Sibal said that it is for the top leaders of the party to decide and he would not comment on it at the moment.

Sibal said, “As long as we are in the Congress and adopting the ideology of the Congress, we 22 leaders (G23K) and many others will continue to raise issues to strengthen the Congress.”

He also said, “If at some point they (the leadership) tell me that I am no longer needed, then I will decide what to do. But will never go to BJP…it will happen only on my dead body.


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