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Mumbai Coronavirus Update: In Mumbai, the cases of Kovid-19 were also decreasing in the past but this is the first time since March that Death statistics Very few have come. There have been three deaths in Mumbai in the 24 hours ending on Monday. A lot of work for the elderly has come in the city. If you look at the figures from September to December in Hotspot Maharashtra, then the cases have decreased by 82%.

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Schools that were closed for months due to Corona crisis have started reopening. Schools of classes 9 and 10, which have been closed for more than nine months, have resumed in the new year. Principal of Guru Gobind Singh Public School in Nashik said that “the whole school has been tightly arranged.” Social distance is being followed. All teachers have been RT-PCR tested.

If you look at the corona figures from September to December, the cases in Maharashtra are down by 82%. While the average positivity rate in the middle of September was 24.6%, it is now at 7%. If the recovery rate is 94.59% then the death rate has come down to 2.56%. New cases are being reported below 5000 for one consecutive month.

There were three deaths from Kovid in the 24 hours ended on Monday in Mumbai. According to BMC, this is the lowest number of deaths in one day after March. 86% of the total deaths in Mumbai are from Kovid patients older than 50 years.

Dr. Rajesh Dere, Dean of BKC Hospital, said, “For those who were high-risk cases, above 50, we created sevior oxygen wards for comorbidity, such as diabetes, hypertension.” Due to heavy steroids, people started getting high sugar. Created a separate insulin ward for him. Only high blood sugar patients should be kept in a ward. Due to which diabetes was increasing due to Kovid, he came under control. So this led to continuous monitoring, diabetes control, continuous monitoring of high risk case and aggressive mode of treatment in Mumbai.

BMC says that one of the reasons for the increased case was the negligence of the youth, which is still intact. Dr. Rajesh Dere said that it happened in the middle when the cases started to reduce. In Mumbai, Maharashtra, young people started ignorant. When someone came to Simptom or came into contact, they did not immediately come to the doctor, did not conduct the test, used to eat the claim from the medical store themselves and then immediately after a few days their oxygen level reached 90. Then he used to come to the hospital, he used to run away. By then, his condition used to get worse. Such people were enough, still are. ”

Cases in Mumbai continued to be less but deaths were a matter of great concern. Now the number of deaths is a big relief for the financial capital.


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