The fate of a taxi driver who has been living in Dubai for years has changed overnight. Actually he has got a lottery of 40 crores. The name of this taxi driver is Ranjit Somarajan, whose age is 37 years. He had moved from Kerala to Dubai in the year 2008.

There Ranjit started working as a taxi driver in Dubai, but Ranjit’s fortunes changed when he was in the mosque on Saturday, when he got the news of winning a lottery of Rs 40 crore, which made Ranjit very happy to hear. . According to the information, Ranjit has won the first prize in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw.

In an interview, Ranjit told that he had been buying jackpot tickets for three years, but he never thought that one day he would win the jackpot. Ranjit told that he always thought that his lottery would come out on the second or third number, but he did not expect the first number at all. Ranjeet said that ‘he had never lost hope of his good days and now he has finally arrived’.

Organizers shared the post on Facebook

The organizers have also shared a post dedicated to Somarajan on Facebook. It reads ‘Congratulations to Ranjit Somarajan for winning ticket number 349886 from India, he won AED 20 million in The Mighty 20 Million Series 229’.

Will share reward with 9 people

According to the information, Somarajan will share the prize money with nine other people who had deposited Dh 100 to buy the tickets. His other friends who deposited their money work with the valet parking department of a hotel. He said that all of them had decided to buy tickets in his name on June 29.

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