India-Russia and China’s foreign ministers meeting today

Trilateral meeting of foreign ministers of India, Russia and China will be held today. This meeting in the Indian hosting is taking place at a time when the fast pieces are going on the strategic board of the Asia Pacific region. Also, the border tension between India and China has also been going on for 19 months.

The 18th round meeting of foreign ministers of India-Russia and China is being organized in a virtual way. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, in this meeting, along with strengthening the trilateral cooperation between the RIC countries, regional and international issues will also be discussed.

The last meeting was held in Moscow in September 2020

RIC is a forum for partnership and dialogue between India-Russia and China. However, the summit meeting of this group has not been held for the last two years. The last summit of RIC leaders took place in 2019 during the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan. The reason for not being able to hold the meeting is the ongoing tension between India and China along with the Corona epidemic crisis. Therefore, at present this meeting of dialogue is being held at the level of foreign ministers.

The foreign ministers of India, Russia and China last met in Moscow in September 2020. On the margins of this meeting, there was also a one-on-one meeting between the foreign ministers of India and China. It was only after the Moscow meeting that the leadership of the RIC was given to India and after the November 26 meeting, the leadership of this group would be in the hands of China. Indian External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar will lead the meeting to be held later this afternoon.

That’s why this meeting becomes important.

This India-Russia and China meeting assumes significance in view of the growing interest and activism of the US in the Asia-Pacific region. It should be noted that the idea of ​​RIC system was extended by the then Prime Minister of Russia Yevgeny Primakov in 1998-99. The idea behind this was to carry forward the old relationship with India and relations with China along with a foreign policy free of American influence.

It is a strategic coincidence that the meeting of the RIC foreign ministers is taking place at a time when India, which is facing border tensions with China, is making arrangements to host Russian President Vladimir Putin on one side. At the same time, US President Joe is also preparing to attend the Biden-led Democracy Summit, in which Russia and China have not been invited. In this great meeting, more than 100 countries, small and big, have been invited where there is democracy. However, not only Russia and China, but also India’s neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh have not been invited to this virtual conference.

An important issue of discussion in the meeting of foreign ministers of three big powers like India-Russia-China will also be the situation in Afghanistan and providing humanitarian aid to the Afghan people.

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