Government’s reply in Lok Sabha: Not a single drop of vaccine wasted in Rajasthan

New Delhi: In the last week of May, there were many such reports in the media in which about 500 vials of vaccine were shown to be thrown in the garbage in Rajasthan. After the report came, the then Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had written a letter to the Health Minister of Rajasthan asking him to get those allegations investigated.

Do you know in which state of the country the maximum amount of vaccine was wasted? The Ministry of Health presented the waste data of Corona Vaccine in the Lok Sabha today. Some startling facts have come to the fore in the figures. Between May 1 and July 13, the maximum number of vaccines was wasted in Bihar across the country. According to the ministry, 1, 26, 743 doses of the vaccine were wasted in Bihar during this period, which is the highest in the country.

After Bihar, the maximum vaccine wastage occurred in Jammu and Kashmir where 32,680 doses of the vaccine went waste. Tripura was at number three, where 27,552 doses were wasted, while Delhi was on the fourth place where 19,989 doses were wasted. Talking about big states, 13,207 doses of vaccine could not be of any use in Uttar Pradesh. In total, from May 1 to July 13, 2,49,648 doses of the vaccine were wasted.

Contrary to the reports, the data shows that not a single dose of the vaccine was wasted in Rajasthan. In the last week of May, there were reports in which there was mention of wastage of vaccine in Rajasthan. After this, the central government had written a letter to the state government asking it to investigate. However, the state government had called those reports wrong.

After the figures were presented in the Lok Sabha, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashol Gehlot tweeted, “Today in the Lok Sabha, the Union Health Ministry has told that no vaccine dose was wasted in Rajasthan, but by July 13, 2.46 lakh vaccine doses were extra. A befitting reply to those who demoralized our health workers by making false allegations of vaccine wastage.”

According to the government data, there are many states which have made maximum use of the vaccine. For example, Tamil Nadu is the only state that has given 5,88,243 more doses using the maximum capacity of vaccine doses. At the same time, Gujarat also gave 4,62,819 doses more than the capacity. Bengal also gave 4,87,147 more doses than the capacity.

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