New Delhi. The government may soon take a big decision regarding Covaxin, one of the approved vaccines in India against Coronavirus. It is reported that the government is exploring the possibilities abroad to increase the production of Bharat Biotech vaccine. It is being claimed that work can be started through technology transfer amid lack of vaccines. Not only this, it is also being said in the reports that the same will be done for any other Indian vaccine in future. In the report of the English newspaper Hindustan Times, a government official was quoted as saying, “In view of the new mutation, the demand for Covid-19 vaccine needs to be met. We have decided to deliver covaxine to the countries interested in it. This production between financial institutions will be done through technology transfer. Apart from this, it has also been told in the report that the terms and conditions of this process are to be finalized by Bharat Biotech.
 Vaccine shortage in IndiaThe number of new Corona infects in the country is constantly increasing. For the first time on Friday, more than 4 lakh new patients have been registered. In such a situation, the government is trying to increase production to meet the vaccine demand. Last week, the government has decided to give an advance of Rs 4500 crore to Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech. Covaxine has been prepared by the Indian company Bharat Biotech and the Indian Council of Medical Research. On April 20, the company had announced to increase the production capacity to 70 million doses annually. Apart from this, recently America’s top epidemiologist Doctor Anthony Fauchi has also claimed that covaxin is effective in neutralizing 617 variants of the virus.

He said, ‘This is something where we are still collecting data every day. But recently a data was collecting information about the Convalescent Serra of covid-19 and those in India who have received the covexine. He told that it has been found that it is neutralizing 617 variants. Fossey said, ‘Despite the real difficulty we are seeing in India, vaccination can prove to be a very important antidote against it.’


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