Foreign woman and her son were stabbed to death in Delhi, police suspect them

Delhi Crime News: A case of stabbing to death of a Kyrgyz woman and her children has come to light in Kalkaji area of ​​Delhi. The woman’s name is Miskal Zahumbaev and the son’s name is Manas. On Tuesday afternoon, the woman’s friends informed the police about the incident. The blood-soaked corpse of the deceased woman and her son was lying on a double bed in the house. Both were killed by multiple stabbings. According to the police, the house where the body was found is the house of a female friend of the deceased. The police is interrogating them.

After a quarrel with her husband, the woman had come to friends’ house on Monday only.

According to Delhi Police, the deceased woman lived with her husband Vinay in Miskal GK-2. On Monday night, Miskal had a fight with her husband about something. After the quarrel, the woman’s husband Vinay went to meet one of his friends, Wahid. According to the police, the woman called her Uzbekistan female friend Matluba Madusmonov to her house. Matluba came with a third friend Avinish and took Miskal and her son with her. But on Tuesday morning, the woman and her child were found dead at their friend Matluba’s house in Kalkaji. Both have knife wounds on their bodies.

Police took both the friends into custody

Delhi Police has started investigation by registering a case of murder. According to the police, in the initial interrogation, Matluba and Avinish, the female friends of the deceased Miskal, who were present at the house, are denying that they are involved in the murder. The police have taken both of them into custody and are interrogating them. Police sources say that there is no evidence of any other person’s entry in the house. The police is now also probing whether the deceased woman committed suicide by killing her child and stabbing herself with a knife. If this happened, then why did the two friends present in the house not get any sound. At present, the suspicion of the police is on both the friends of the victim woman. Whom the police are questioning.

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