New Delhi: AIIMS director Randeep Guleria said on Saturday that the government’s focus on treatment of corona virus patients is training in rural areas, implementing better methods to prevent infections in hospitals And prevention of fungal infections. Amidst reports of the spread of the epidemic in rural areas, he said that there should be covid management in every part of the country.

Guleria said, Connection should be made to all parts, especially from rural areas. The Ministry of Health and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) conducted a program for national institutes of excellence at the regional level from April 30 to May 13 for management of Covid in rural areas. During this time webinars on Home Quarantine, Treatment-Medication, ICU Management, Investigation, Diabetes Management were organized.

He cautioned on the increasing cases of fungal infections in different parts of the country, saying that it is very important that hospitals should follow the instructions to prevent infection. Guleria said,  It has been seen that secondary infections, whether from fungal or bacterial, are causing more deaths. Mucarmicosis can affect the face, eye circles, or brain, which can lead to loss of vision. This (infection) can reach the lungs.

He said that cases of such infections are also increasing due to the misuse of steroids. Guleria said,  Patients with diabetes, those with Covid-19 and those taking steroids are prone to fungal infections. To prevent this, we should stop the misuse of steroids.

On the other hand, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Saturday that some cases of Mucaramicosis or Black Fungus have come to the state. The state medical board has collected samples and is being further investigated. & Rsquo; & rsquo; The Chief Minister said that the infectious diseases department of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College is also monitoring the developments.



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