In Muzaffarpur, Bihar, the case of ‘Black Fungus’ has been revealed for the first time on Wednesday. The 52-year-old woman developed initial symptoms after recovering from the complication of Covid-19. The woman was admitted to the IGIMS Hospital in Patna for treatment of black fungus infection. Talking to a news agency, the hospital director confirmed the case.

First case of ‘Black Fungus’ came up in BiharĀ 

He said, “A 52-year-old woman from Muzaffarpur is infected with black fungus after Kovid-19. He is undergoing treatment. A fungal infection develops in the nose, eyes of patients with a weakened immunity, making breathing difficult. This disease can be treated with medicine or operation.”


Significantly, amidst the second wave of Corona virus, a new problem called Black Fungus in India has raised the concern of health experts. In Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Gujarat, cases of Black Fungus infection were found among those who have recovered or are recovering from Covid-19. The infection is also called mucaraemycosis, which is an extremely rare but serious one. This mucar is caused by fungi and usually thrives in soil, plants, manure, rotten fruits and vegetables. However, this fungal infection is very rare and affects the sinuses, brain and langs.

Number of patients increasing in the second wave of epidemic

On arrival late for treatment, the infection is fatal and the patient’s eyesight is gone. Their eye has to be removed to prevent infection from reaching the brain. Fungal infections can also be life-threatening for patients with diabetes or people with very poor immunity. The first case of fungal infection was reported during the first wave of corona virus epidemic. In the second wave, an increasing number of patients with black fungus created a shortage of anti-fungal drugs. To meet the growing demand, the central government is in talks with manufacturers to increase production of the drug.

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