JP Nadda Exclusive Interview: Regarding the West Bengal elections, JP Nadda said that the BJP fights every election with equal importance whether it is Kerala elections, Tamil Nadu elections or Greater Hyderabad elections.

New Delhi. BJP President JP Nadda said that the people of West Bengal have made up their mind to house Mamta, every cooperative of Mamta has been rejected by the people of Bengal. In a special conversation with News18, JP Nadda answered many questions related to the ongoing controversy regarding the assembly elections along with the slogan of Jai Shri Ram. JP Nadda said that the BJP has mastered reaching the people in the elections and the BJP workers have also become successful in it.

Regarding the West Bengal elections, JP Nadda said that the BJP fights every election as equally whether it is the election of Kerala, the election of Tamil Nadu, the election of Puducherry or the election of Assam or the election of Greater Hyderabad. The BJP fights every election with the same priority. Nadda said that as much as Mamata has boosted the Bengal elections, so many things are being talked about her. Nadda said that people used to think that Bengal is the stronghold of TMC but now people are seeing the wave of BJP there.

On Saturday, on the fourth day of Bengal, Nadda said on a violence in Cooch Behar that TMC’s defeat is visible from whatever has happened in Sitalkuchi. TMC has accepted that the election has gone out of their hands. Nadda said that Mamta Banerjee’s statement is to surround the CRPF.

JP Nadda said that Mamta ji is not accepting the truth, the truth is that the people of Bengal have made up their mind to defeat them and make them sit at home. Nadda said that the leaders of Bengal have kept Bengal for a long time, Mamta Banerjee is still doing the same. Regarding political violence, JP Nadda said that violent incidents are happening only in Bengal, there is TMC government for 10 years, these incidents of violence are happening due to the law and order of the Trinamool government.

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