E-Victoria vehicle launched in Mumbai, know its history

Mumbai News: The Victoria car, which reminds us of the old days, is starting again in Mumbai. But this Victoria car will no longer run on a horse but on a battery. In the month of March, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had flagged off the E-Victoria vehicle. This vehicle has been made by UBO Ride, while Khaki Tours Company Victoria will take tourists to South Mumbai by car. The journey of this Victoria train will start from Kalaghoda located in CST and from here will show you the British era heritage buildings built in the Fort area. After this Marine Drive will take you back to Kalaghoda showing CSMT station, BMC building. It will take you only 40-50 minutes to complete this entire beautiful journey.

What is the history of the Victoria car?

The beauty of South Mumbai is famous all over the world, which is visited by tourists from many countries. Before 2015, the journey to South Bombay for a foreign tourist was incomplete until he traveled by Victoria car. But this journey came to a complete halt when PETA objected to the use of horses on the Victoria cart in the year 2012 and filed a petition in the Bombay High Court regarding this. After a long battle of almost 3 years, the Bombay High Court ordered a ban on the use of horses on the Victoria cart. After which the Victoria car stopped plying on the streets of Mumbai.

What is the specialty of e-Victoria vehicle?

From next week, the E-Victoria vehicle will be running again on the roads of Mumbai, while making this vehicle, heritage look has been used, seeing that you will feel that it is the ride of a king, which you must have seen only in movies.

Ketan Kadam, founder of UBO Ride, who made this unique vehicle, told ABP News that this vehicle will run on battery which is completely eco-friendly and once fully charged, it can cover 60 to 70 kms non-stop. Is. Let us tell you that it will take 8 hours to fully charge its battery once. On the other hand, as earlier horses were wearing ghungroos on their feet and when they used to walk, the ghungroo’s sound was heard, to maintain the same experience, ghungroos have been installed in the tires of this Victoria car. The vehicle also gets the Musik system with British lamps, which has a seating capacity of 4 people.

What is the fee for this e-Victoria vehicle?

Bharat Gothoskar, founder of the Khaki company that runs E-Victoria, told ABP News that you will have to spend Rs 3000 for this 40 to 50 minute journey. The special thing is that the same horse cart drivers have been hired to run this vehicle.


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