New Delhi: Congress leaders and workers will hold a symbolic demonstration near various petrol pumps on Friday against the hike in the prices of petrol and diesel. Party sources said that many leaders including Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal, General Secretary Harish Rawat, Spokesperson Pawan Khera will join the symbolic protests near petrol pumps in different areas of Delhi.

Congress says that all guidelines related to corona virus will be followed in this protest. Venugopal said, “The BJP government has taken the prices of petrol and diesel to record levels by repeatedly increasing taxes on petrol and diesel in the last seven years. Due to wrong policies of this government, petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 per liter mark in many parts of the country last day and diesel prices are on the verge of going up to Rs 100 per liter.

Demand to withdraw the hike in prices

He said, “The Congress party has decided to hold a symbolic protest in front of petrol pumps across the country on the coming Friday against the rising prices of petrol and diesel and to demand the withdrawal of this hike in fuel prices. .”

Let us tell you, the prices of petrol and diesel in the country have increased again on the last day. Petrol and diesel prices have increased by 19 paise today. After which the price of one liter of petrol in the capital Delhi has now gone up to 95.56, which is the highest ever. At the same time, the cost of one liter of diesel is 86.47. Petrol and diesel have become expensive for the 22nd time after May 4 this year.

Petrol reached Rs 100 in many states

Petrol has now reached a historic high in different parts of the country. Petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter in six states and union territories including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Ladakh. At the same time, one liter of petrol in Mumbai is now getting Rs 101.

Price of 1 liter of petrol in Mumbai is Rs.101.52

Rajasthan levies the highest VAT on petrol and diesel in the country. After that the number of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana comes. Mumbai is the first metropolis in the country, where petrol reached above Rs 100 per liter on 29 May. At present, petrol in Mumbai is Rs 101.71 and diesel Rs 93.77 per liter.

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