New Delhi: Cyclone Toukte . The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has increased its number of teams from 53 to 100 for relief and rescue operations. Director General of the force SN Pradhan said in a tweet that these teams are ready to travel in the coastal areas of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra. He said on Friday that 53 teams are fully prepared in view of the cyclonic storm in the Arabian Sea.

Pradhan said on Saturday that after the new information received from the India Meteorological Department about the cyclone, the number of NDRF teams is being increased. He said that out of 100 teams, 42 are already deployed on the ground in six states, while 26 teams have been kept waiting. Pradhan said that 32 teams are ready to help, which can be transported to the air-related areas if needed.

The NDRF chief also said that the members of these teams have been given anti-Kovid-19 vaccination and are equipped with the necessary equipment. A team of the force consists of 35-40 personnel and have trees and pillar cutting tools, boats, basic medical supplies and other relief and rescue equipment.

Possibility to cross Gujarat coast

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Friday that on May 17 of a zone of pressure in the Arabian Sea, the  extremely severe cyclonic storm will appear. There is a possibility of turning it in and crossing the Gujarat coast a day later. It had said that the weather conditions had turned into a zone of deep pressure and by Saturday morning cyclonic storms would have hit. Then it is likely to turn into a very severe cyclonic storm by Saturday night.

Who gave the names?

The cyclone warning division of IMD said that between 16-19 May there is a possibility that it is an extremely severe cyclonic storm with winds speed of 150-160 kmph. . The speed of the winds can also be 175 kilometers per hour. Hurricane’s name is given by Myanmar. This will be the first cyclonic storm off the Indian coast this year.



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