Hearing in the Division Bench of Allahabad High Court on matters related to Corona today
The Division Bench of the Allahabad High Court, which is monitoring the cases related to Corona in UP, will hear once again today. In today’s hearing, the matter of burial of a large number of dead bodies on the banks of Ganga in Prayagraj will also be brought to the notice of the court. Advocate Vijay Chand Srivastava, who is associated with the case, has given a separate application on the basis of other media reports including ABP Ganga and ABP News. In this application, a high-level inquiry should be conducted into the matter of burial of dead bodies, action should be taken against the officers who were negligent and also to be cremated with respect to the bodies buried by making a grave on the banks of the Ganges. has been demanded.

Coronavirus 2nd Wave LIVE Updates: The outbreak of the second wave of deadly corona virus is still going on in the country. However, since the last days, a decline in the number of new cases is being recorded. Now the number of new infected daily has reached below one lakh. But the death toll is still very high. Active cases are more than 11 lakhs.

The second wave created a ruckus in the country, while now the central government and the state governments are fully alert about the third wave. The central government has now issued new guidelines for the treatment of corona infected children.

In the new guideline issued by the central government, it was clearly said that anti-viral remdesivir should not be given to infected children. Along with this, it was also said that steroids should be avoided in children. In this guideline, it has been advised to take a 6-minute walk test to see the physical ability of the children.

Let us tell you, in the third wave of corona, there is a possibility of children getting infected in large numbers. The ministry clearly said that steroids should be given only to more serious patients. In a statement issued by the ministry, it was said that by putting a pulse oximeter in the finger of the children, they should be asked to walk continuously for 6 minutes. If during this time their saturation is found to be less than 94, then difficulty in breathing can be seen in them. Based on this, a decision can be taken on whether to admit the children to the hospital.


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