New Delhi. The Indian Navy has already thrown its hospitals, doctors and medical staff in the fight against Corona and now the warships have also taken the front. To eliminate the medical oxygen shortage in the country, the Indian Navy has currently deployed 7 ships to bring oxygen containers from abroad. In the first phase, the Navy deployed INS Kolkata, INS Talwar, INS Jalashwa, INS Airavat. In the second phase, INS Kochi, INS Trikhand and INS Tabar have been deployed. The Navy started Operation Samudra Setu last year under the Government of India’s Vanda India Mission in view of the Corona epidemic, under which around 4000 Indians stranded in Maldives, Sri Lanka and Iran were brought back home. Now in the year 2021, Navy has started Operation Samudra Setu to bring oxygen containers and medical supplies to India. Explain that INS Kolkata and INS were deployed in the Persian Gulf under the Talwar Mission, which were sent to different countries to bring supplies in the first phase on 30 April. INS Talwar was flown to Manama Port in Bahrain and INS Kolkata to Doha, Qatar. INS Talwar from Bahrain has left for Mumbai carrying 40 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen. The same INS Kolkata will first pick up medical supplies from Doha and then proceed to India with a liquid oxygen cylinder from Kuwait. In the same order, INS Airavat has also been diverted, then INS Jalashv has been removed from the maintenance and deployed in the operation. Let me tell you that it is INS Jalashwa who played the most important role in Operation Samudra Setu. If INS Airavat returns to India with a container of liquid oxygen from Singapore, then the same INS Jalashv has been placed on standby as soon as the order comes from the government. The warship will immediately leave for the mission. Navy has also made INS Kochi, Trikhand and Tabar as part of the operation immediately under the second batch, mission deployment in the Arabian Sea. Not only this, the Southern Naval Command has also kept its landing shiptank INS Shradul ready and can be used anytime within just 48 hours. According to the Navy, more warships will be deployed in this operation if needed. However, due to Corona, the Corona Guidelines are being followed by the Government of India for all the action to be done safely. In fact, these warships have to go to other countries for liquid oxygen containers and medical supplies, in such a situation, the Corona guidelines are being strictly followed. Whenever there is a crisis on the country, the Navy has supported the public with the protection of the maritime boundaries. The soldiers of the sea have once again set out to pay their duty …

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