Corona: Campaign to get Bharat Ratna-Padma Award for doctors and paramedics

New Delhi: On the second day of the monsoon session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, a proposal to confer Padma awards to doctors and paramedical staff for serving the people by risking their lives during Corona was tabled in the House, which was passed by voice vote. On the last day of the session, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj put this proposal on the floor of the House. During this, Saurabh Bhardwaj also moved an amendment motion in the house to ‘collectively give Bharat Ratna to Indian doctor’, which Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal supported and said that if Indian doctor is collectively awarded Bharat Ratna, then The whole country will be happy and the entire medical fraternity will be encouraged.

Doctors and paramedical staff put their lives at risk to serve people: Kejriwal

In the House, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal supported the proposal of the Government of India to honor the doctors and paramedical staff with Padma awards and said that we all saw that for the last one and a half years, not only our country, but the whole world is battling the epidemic of Corona. Is. During this our doctors and paramedical staff put their lives at stake and served the people. There were many such doctors who, without caring about their family, without caring about their lives, continued to serve others. At a time when the people of his family were not ready to touch the patient of Corona, at that time the doctors served him continuously. In such a situation, it is the duty of the entire society and the entire country to thank our doctors, nurses and paramedical staff and give them due respect.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government has supported the doctors from time to time by moving forward as much as possible. When the corona was beginning, it was decided at that time that the doctors would work for 15 days and after that they would have to stay in the quarantine, after which they could go to their homes. At that time, the Delhi government made arrangements for his stay in a five star hotel. Perhaps the Delhi government was the only government not only in the whole country but in the whole world, which had made arrangements for the stay of doctors in five star hotels. The Delhi government has taken a decision that if we will not issue any order without the advice of doctors and paramedical staff. All the orders issued were passed in consultation with the doctors and medical fraternity of government and private hospitals. We got full support from private hospitals, government hospitals and the entire medical fraternity during this entire pandemic.

On the death of a doctor while on duty, relatives will get 1 crore help: Kejriwal

CM Arvind Kejriwal further said that when we announced that any doctor or front line worker dies due to corona while doing corona duty, then his family will be given an assistance amount of one crore rupees. Perhaps the Delhi government is the only government in the whole world, which has passed such an order. This boosted the morale of all our doctors, paramedical staff and frontline workers. They felt that this is such a government, which is standing with us. The doctors of Delhi worked especially with great dedication. We have given an amount of one crore rupees to each and every frontline worker whose cases came. I myself went to each one’s house and gave that amount to their family members.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government has taken another decision. Every year our country honors the selected people with Padma Awards from different fields. For this, the central government asks for the names of such selected people from different state governments. The Delhi government has decided that this time we will only recommend the names of doctors and paramedical staff for Padma Awards. We have to send this name to the central government by August 15. In this one can also recommend one’s own name and can also recommend the name of another. Three days ago we had issued the email address and today I am very happy to tell this house that within three days we have got the names of about 2100 doctors.

The doctors whose names should be sent for the Padma Award, He should be honored- Kejriwal

Supporting the proposal, Arvind Kejriwal said that on behalf of the House, we request the Central Government, whose names are sent for the Padma Award, they should be honored with the Padma Award. I am not talking only about Delhi, all the doctors whose names come this time from all over the country, all those people should be honored with Padma Awards. Also, Saurabh Bhardwaj has added that this House recommends that Bharat Ratna be given to Indian doctors collectively. I think this is very important. In this, when we talk about Indian doctors, then all the doctors from across the country, all the paramedics staff across the country, nurses, ward boys, all come in this. All of us, this whole country wants to honor them all. I want to thank them all. Wants to pay tribute to all the people who were martyred. If it happens that an Indian doctor is awarded the Bharat Ratna, then the whole country is with it and the whole country wants it. Entire medical fraternity will be encouraged that our country has respected us.

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