Congress raised questions on PM Care Fund, Supriya Shrenet said- Where did 40 to 50 thousand crores go?

New Delhi: The issue of PM Cares Fund has once again heated up. The Congress has raised questions on the Modi government regarding the PM Cares Fund. In a questioning tone, Congress asked and also asked for the account of PM Cares Fund. Congress said that where did the 40 to 50 thousand crore rupees that came in the PM Cares Fund go. Congress asked why this money was being kept secret. Congress leader Supriya Shrinet asked what is happening to PM Cares Fund.

Let us tell you that recently it has been informed by the Prime Minister’s Office that PM Cares Fund is not a fund of the Government of India. Therefore it does not come under RTI. The PMO told the court that it has been built to help people in situations like an epidemic or emergency. It has also been said in the High Court that this relief fund is not under the Government of India. It is linked to a charitable trust, so the amount coming into it is not deposited in the Consolidated Fund of the Government of India.

Let us tell you that lawyer Samyak Gangwal had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court regarding PM Cares Fund. In this petition, he had demanded that the PM Cares Fund be declared a government fund under Article 12 of the Constitution. In this petition, he had also said that to maintain its transparency, it should be brought under RTI.

In the petition filed in the High Court, it has also been said that the government has no control over the fund which has been started in the name of the Prime Minister and has Home Minister, Defense Minister and Finance Minister.

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