Nitish said, I will definitely sit in the office of the old secretariat at least once a week in the new year

Special things

  • CM reviews the work of various departments in the Secretariat
  • Said, I will now sit in the old secretariat office at least once a week
  • Said it is important for me to work in public service

Patna :

‘There is no political crisis in Bihar’ claims Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM Nitish Kumar) has done. Instead of meeting traditional common people or cabinet colleagues political workers on the first day of the new year, CM Nitish Kumar was reviewing various departments in the secretariat all day. After that he talked to journalists. He said that there is no political crisis but at the same time he also said, ‘I will definitely sit in my office of the old secretariat at least once a week in the new year’. Nitish said, ‘Earlier, we used to come here at least, but it has been a little less to come here for a few years, but now the matter has come to my mind that if we sit here and work, then we have started today.

Nitish used to work from the office of the old secretariat for years, but for more than a year, the cabinet also meets with his office communication. When asked about the challenges of this year, he said, ‘ They do not think about the challenges, but the work that has to be done in the service of the public is important to me. He said that you know that apart from the work that is already being done, we have decided some work this time to plan for the implementation of them all, work is being done on it. By surveying one thing, where in which way, which work can be done faster, by talking about it and you know that this time the budget will come, provision will be made for many things.

Why did Nitish advise BJP to follow ‘Atal Sahinta’ of coalition religion?

The CM’s gesture was clear that this time, he will visit himself to know the ground reality of every work so that he can start this work. The second thing is that every subject always has to be looked at, any work is being done in the middle, where there is an obstacle and there is no difficulty in the implementation of whatever decision has been taken, whether there is a decision to be taken or It is also necessary to review it on a new decision, and when you see something on the site and get to know the people, then you will be able to get information about it better

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