New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Secretary Alpan Bandopadhyay has been transferred with immediate effect by the Central Government, taking strict action. Transferring from the Government of Bengal, he has been asked to report to the DoPT, Government of India by 10:00 am on 31st May. Along with this, the state government has been asked to relieve him with immediate effect. Where will his next posting be, it is not decided at the moment.

Chief Secretary was about half an hour late in the review meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a visit to West Bengal, Orissa on Friday to review the damage caused by the Yas cyclone. During this, he did aerial survey of many areas of Orissa and West Bengal.

Mamata also arrived late and left after a while

During the meeting, a review was done about the damage caused by the storms in Orissa and Bengal. Leaders of Orissa and Bengal and Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and other local leaders were also present in this meeting. After Orissa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bengal. After this tour, he was supposed to have a review meeting in Bengal. But in this meeting, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee arrived late by about half an hour. Apart from the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary Alpon Bandopadhyay was to attend the meeting on behalf of the state government. But the Chief Secretary also reached the meeting late. And soon left from there with the Chief Minister.

As a rule, if the Prime Minister convenes such a review meeting in a state, according to the service rules, it is mandatory for the Chief Secretary of the state or an officer of the same rank to remain in his place during the meeting. But his absence from the PM’s meeting is a violation of service rules. Keeping this in mind, in the late evening, the Appointment Committee of the Central Government transferred the 1987 batch Alpana Bandyopadhyay using Act 6 (1) of the Indian Administrative Service (Cadre) Rules, 1954. The state government has been asked to relive them. Also, they have been asked to report to the DoPT by 10 am on May 31.

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